The Employee-centered Workplace™ : The Key to Optimizing Business Results

Although many employers insist, "Our employees are our greatest asset," their actions are not aligned with their words. Instead, employees often appear to be an afterthought, if not a millstone around management's neck. Yet organizations cannot optimize their business results unless their employees are fully successful. Have you ever seen unhappy workers and delighted customers?

The way to help employees become fully successful is to create an Employee-centered Workplace™. When I went to work for Fed Ex in 1979, one of the first things I learned was founder Fred Smith's philosophy about how to run the company, which was contained in three simple words: People - Service - Profit. That is, if you take care of the people, they will provide exceptional service, which will result in profit for the company. In the 30+ years since then, I have not seen any evidence that proves him wrong about this point.

As the U.S. economy begins to make its way out of recession, it is critical for organizations to retain their key employees. Yet surveys show that many workers, especially good performers, are ready to "jump ship" at the first opportunity. Why? Many organizations today are employer-centered; some are union-centered (i.e., focused on the union as an organization, not on the workers it represents); others are customer-centered. None of these philosophies are about creating employee success. All of them do a disservice to stakeholders by squandering employee talents and leaving money on the table.

Here are the Employee-centered Workplace™ teleseminar series dates and topics:

July 21: The Employee-centered Workplace™

  • Why the Employee-centered Workplace™ makes good business sense
  • What workplace factors employees pay attention to and why
  • How to assess your organization's performance through employees' eyes

August 18: Supervisors: The Key to Business Success

  • The #1 reason employees leave organizations and join unions is dissatisfaction with the immediate supervisor
  • Discover the factors that influence employees' experience with their supervisors
  • Learn how to provide your supervisors with the tools they need to help their employees become fully successful

September 15: How to Engage and Retain Key Employees

  • Employees who feel they are part of something larger than themselves and that their views are respected are likely to perceive they are valued
  • Discover the factors that drive an employee-centric culture
  • Learn how to implement techniques that help create engaged and highly productive employees

October 21: Procedural Fairness: The Key to Employee Commitment

  • Employees who view decisions and outcomes as procedurally fair will accept them even when they don't like or agree with them.
  • Discover the factors that align processes with employee success
  • Learn how to implement techniques that create employee buy-in and commitment rather than compliance

November 17: "Where's the Recognition?": It's Usually NOT about Money

  • Assuming a reasonable level of compensation, pay seldom is "the" reason for employee dissatisfaction
  • Discover the factors that create a motivating environment
  • Learn how to implement no- or low-cost recognition techniques that result in increased productivity and delighted customers

The fee includes "attendance" at the teleseminar as well as an MP3 download sent within 48 hours of the event. You may purchase individual teleseminars or take advantage of the discount offered for purchasing the entire series. All sessions begin promptly at 9 a.m. Pacific time (noon Eastern time) and last one hour. Instructions are e-mailed in advance; a reminder is sent just prior to each teleseminar.

Your investment:

  • Individual teleseminar and download: $59
  • The series of five teleseminars and downloads: $245

Whether your organization is struggling to re-group after the downturn or is doing fine, you can optimize your results by enabling your employees to become fully successful. Join us as we show you how to create an Employee-centered Workplace™ that energizes your workforce and results in high productivity, committed employees, and delighted customers.

2010 Employee-centered Workplace™ Teleseminar Series

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July 21, 2010

The Employee-centered Workplace™

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August 18, 2010

Supervisors: The Key to Business Success

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September 15, 2010

How to Engage and Retain Key Employees

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October 21, 2010

Procedural Fairness: The Key to Employee Commitment

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November 17, 2010

"Where's the Recognition?": It's Usually NOT about Money

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