Creating a Positive Work Environment:
An Appreciative Approach to Organizational Change

What would it be like if, instead of fearing and resisting change, employees enthusiastically embraced it and became its advocates? How is it possible to create such a change in perspective? What impact would it have on organizational outcomes?

This one-hour teleseminar answers these questions and more! Listen in as we explain how an appreciative process can effect transformational change in the workplace, then provide specific appreciative practices you can incorporate in your organization immediately.



Organizational Self-esteem: You Canít Succeed if Youíre Hiding Under the Desk

One characteristic that separates organizations that thrive from those that merely survive is healthy self-esteem. As a group, members of successful enterprises are confident and able to keep things in perspective. In contrast, employees of organizations that are in survival mode are likely to be hiding under their metaphorical desks, suffering under the weight of collective low self-esteem.

In this one-hour teleseminar we identify the characteristics of healthy organizational self-esteem, explain the connection between self-esteem and success, and provide tips, tools, and techniques you can use immediately to increase your organizationís self-esteem.


Optimize Your Outcomes by Focusing on Your True Value

Are you leaving money on the table and preventing your employees from becoming fully successful because you, or they, donít know your organizationís true value? Learn how to identify clearly the value your organization provides.

In this one-hour teleseminar we explain how to differentiate between key concepts that influence your ability to identify your true value, remove organizational barriers to focusing on value, ensure your employees and customers recognize your organizationís value, and apply the concepts discussed to your personal life.